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Think About You

(View album: My Hart Is Aan Die Brand)

A Major (Ionian)

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I close my eyes and see you standing there alone in the dark
Your hair is flowing gently in the wind
I know that you keep missing me as much as I miss you
When we are apart, just apart

Your smile is what I need
Your touch is what I feel
Your love, the only thing that's true
I think about you

There was a time when we walked hand in hand together as one
We shared forbidden fortunes of our dreams
We walked through seasons in the sun that warmed us tenderly
Forever in love, you and me

It's a cold and lonely winter of despair, and as for the tears
Just slowly running down your face like rain
The winds of change blow through your hair and made me feel so sad
That we almost lost all we had

Tomorrow is not just another day, 'cause I will be back
Back in your arms, back in your life again
And I will give up everything to feel your tenderness
Together with you, home at last.

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