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Rare Intro (ft. Die Mondez)

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[Intro: Blood in Blood out sample]
“Three vatos looking for something that wasn’t there
Loco, we stood by each other, we trusted each other
Orale! That’s worth believing in! Shit! We were familia, homes
And never again, Cruzito
Miklo and I are finished, man, he ain’t my family
I hate that fuckin’ puto!
You oughta scrape his ass off the wall like dirt
Chale, vato, no matter how much hate there is between you and him, you’re still connected, he’s still just trynna be like you!
That’s bullshit man!!
Simon ese! Come on! El gallo negro! The baddest Chicano in the Barrio!
No that ain’t me, not anymore!”

Don't make em like this anymore, rare (Yeah)
Everywhere I go they stare (Yeah)
Young nigga really don't care
You the man in the mirror, I'm the man out here
I'm a god right now, I dare (Yeah)
Any nigga try to compare (Yeah)
Niggas never wanna fight fair
I'm unimpressed and I'm over-prepared

Came with the fellas
I been on grind with the fellas
Please don't be blowing up my belas
You don't gotta be so overzealous
Getting to the bag they jealous (Yeah)
Count the money up like a teller (Yeah)
Nun' they can tell us (Yeah)
Standing on the couches I'm careless (Yeah Yeah)
Acting like I don't know better
I cut you off like a umbilical
Young nigga dripping gold
Damn, my heart so cold
Since I was seven years old
Got a piece now i want some more
I go where you cannot go
Got a gun but you cannot draw
All your niggas ain't ready for war
But fuck it, I deserve it
I've been through the worst shit, my heart still hurting
I ain't even been the same nigga lately
Too much going on, I ain't even made it
Ain't no pro bono's, we partaking
Feeling good I'ma pop the Henny on occasion
In my hood I'm like Super Man without the cape and
Hoes know I ain't never do the saving

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