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On The Block (feat. Khuli Chana)

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A Major (Ionian)

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Mic check, 1,2,1,2

The block's hot
Rolling with the squad, I'm ready to O shots
Get the strap, tryn'a put these bodies in a box
Side-stepping niggas I'm doing the foxtrot
Oh you thought that I forgot, all you bitches said a lot
Let's take it back to the moment I got hot
Y'all said I was wack and Bragga should get dropped
Now I'm in the cut and I'm posted like bloodclaats
Spray all you dumb thots like Brrr Bragga
Bitch I've been a don
Sonning all you bitches and I ain't even a mom
Ziggi ziggi zagga and I'm quick to set it off
With the black on black Audi
And it's pulling through your block like

Wait slow down
Like Titanic, yeah that shit is going down
I'm on the lifeboat watching bitches drown
Yeah I'm too fly, never hit the ground

Gotta keep it one hundred, when I see em in public
Instagram got you faking angles, bitch, I see your stomach
Never been on a budget, had to come out the dungeon
NIggas be talking crazy, I'm addressing this subject
Made it on magazines, touching a million streams
Yeah I did it, naah mean, did you get it, naah mean?
Hate it or you can love it, single is steady buzzing
Topic of discussion
Baddest bitch in republic

Every time I look around I see you mini-mes
Never have respect for someone who play in between
My only rivalry said look me in the mirror please
Now I'm watching all you bitches tryn'a mirror me
Yeah I see the weave, and the face beat
With the same flame, we don't make the same heat
I can switch it up, I can change beat
Money talks and all of a sudden now you can't speak
I ain't never gonna stop 'til I D.I.E
Whole squad steady stays on V.I.P
Money power and respect, that's all I need
Load up the clip, tell 'em R.I.P
'Bout to get the tree tattoed on my damn sleeve
It's for all the Cs that we turned into Ds
Right where my eye sits
Freeze 'cause my ice drips
Frenchy with ice tips
I'd pierce my iced tits

Break a one, break a, break a two
'Bout to break bread with the Bragga and the Gadawa
Rose form the concrete now we are block towers
I'm timeless, you're a raw power
If I make Ms, why take Ls
Blow your cash in transit, PayPals
Take half, take it all
Who makes all these rules right, so break 'em all
Ke bua skgowa sa dinko with a mink on
Give me the usual soft tonic with some pink on
Ke ta Ntswembu, ke o faka dinthong
Re be re eme, re itatswe dinko
I bring on the night, how you gon dim my light
Bring back the sun up with just one mic
The game can [?] maar it's alright
I stays on they mind even out of sight

Naah mean, Bragga
They seen your whip ka ho paka
Your kicks, your clique, ha o mqhaka, o ntjaka

Naah mean, Bragga
They seen your whip ka ho paka
Your kicks, your clique, ha o mqhaka, o ntjaka

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