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(Verse 1)
Things are getting real and I'm falling in deep
When I was a kid I always knew what I would be
Started in the streets, next thing I was flexing on a beat
Would have made it long ago but ugly demons creep
I'm chasing the dream that many try and reach
I'm about peace and I practice what I preach
D.I.Y. now I'm standing on my feet
I hope one day I’ll release
That shit got me on my knees like

Don't worry about me Mama (Nah)
Don't worry about me Mama (No)
I know you miss me Mama
I'm just tryna chase my dream Mama (Yeah)
It's getting better than it seems Mama
I always knew what I would be Mama
You know, you know, you know
This is for you Mama (Yeah)

(Verse 2)
Look after my Mama and my sister Lord, please
I don’t know 'bout my daddy haven't seen that man in weeks
K’yafana we hardly speak
Little brother needs some sneaks
So I'm not paying for no freaks
The best things in life free
There's a lot of shit in my life that I won't forget
When niggas was hatin' I posted and I blew jets
Mama had been askin me what am I gon' do next
Couldn't go and visit her in her hospital bed
Niggas shutting doors but they know that I'm the next
My friends sleeping on me
Damn this is just somethin' rare
My family under Avery told me to never blow jets
Mama raised a king, Mama taught me respect

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