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Intro / Black Coffee (ft. Lebo Mashille)

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A Major (Ionian)

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The scent of earth and smoke
seduces you out of slumber with no resistance.
What is taste with no desire?
You submit.
Open Up.
Take it in.
Crushed gem stones release their flavour.
The full strength starts in the farmers hands
Moves to the heart of fire where all goodness is forged
Sweet oils are released in a dance of fury,
calling everyone who needs a hit.
Fuel injected adrenalin, fresh percolated liquid thunder coursing through the system
Black Coffee is a wake up call for all disciples
We are international, the planet is our dancefloor
While the world sleeps, we indulge the addiction to melodic journeys through sound
The full strength starts in the DJ's hands,
moves to the limbs of the dancer where all transcendence is forged
The sweet funk of sweat is released in a ritual of survival
You Teacher
You Healer
You Dancer
You Worker
What do you crave?
What do you need to survive?
Open Up.
Taste immortality awakening the god in you
Take a shot
Whenever you need it
It's yours.
Before there was music there was love.

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