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In the Mood (feat. Saudi)

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Man I’m in the mood
Feeling good and I wish a nigga would..
In the mood for some woman in my pool..
Understood, I’m the nigga in the hood (x2)
In the mood, man I’m in the mood (x3)
I’m in the mood and I wish a nigga would

(Verse 1)
Look, I got the loop..
I never lost it, I got the juice..
Those exclusives that you like on the gram
I got the shoes
And the problems that I got are like damn
What colour to choose..?
And that shit that only dropped in Japan
Got that in the boot..
Superman..Superman, how I hop out the booth..
Mess with my butter, my nigga are gutter
Mamparas they shoot..
Mfana dala the booze, Hala at yo mama to cava the moves...
Hotter than stew, ain’t nobody hotter, I’m hotter that lava, Ishuu....

(Verse 2)
I got the fliest woman in my pool..
I got the finest linen in my room..
I need a vinyl spinning in the stu..
I need a stylist shipping all my shoes..
I got a finer stitching on my suit..
My style is different, man it's cool..
If you don't get it, I ain't mad at you
I'm So high, I need a parachute..
Ooh Para, para, para, parachute
Sheba, Sheba, bheka attitude..
Flow cold, it needs Theraflu..
Oh no, I ain't scared of you..
Oh, oh, what would Sarah do..
No, She would go and get a better dude..
Get More cheese, bring the cheddar through..
My girls booty, got a better view...

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