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Free State of Mind

(View album: Work of Heart)

A Major (Ionian)

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New free state of mind x4

It feels so good dancing next to you
No more feeling blue, I'm in the mood
Clear blue skies, no more rainy days
Nothing but light ahead, I'm in the mood
I got a new free state of mind

Don't feel sorry me, I've been truly blessed
All I want to do is show it
Nothing more, nothing less
I feel so excited,
Nothing else, nothing more can hold me down
What I have been through has made me what I am now, what I am now

Ningangboni nginje, inhliziyo yomelele
Mna ndiyawamele ama tyala am
Kodwa ngoku sikelele, ndixolele

New free state of mind x4

Na na na na na
La la la na na

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