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Don’t Let Me Lose You

(View album: Home Sweet Home)

A Major (Ionian)

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Let’s not get emotional
I know it’s hard
But everybody needs a pain to grow (hmmm)
No matter where am I, I’ll hold you in a palm of my hand (ohhhh)
Just hold on soon will have a beat in sand

I try, you try
To hold back the tears inside
I wish that I not have to leave your side
I cry, you cry
We hate to say goodbye
I wish that I could hold the back of times

Don’t let me let me lose you (x4)

Every moment I treasure every single moment
Where we at a lot of people wish they had (Ohhh)
It’s the only time I wish I could buy some time
So get suite, get in on a plane plain to leave (Ohhh girl)....

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