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A Major (Ionian)

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Now greetings to the world
Voice of the one called Big Gong-Zilla alongside Burna Boy, ya know
Yes rude boy!

Ya dun know we different
Different style we delivering
I don't have no equivalent
Different predicament
Every day a different problem
Different lie from the government
Different politics, people with different qualities
Different tings dem happening
Different feeling, looking for a different healing
Read it with a different meaning
Different book
Come with a different look
Same spliff, different toke
Different election, sell a different false hope
Then them hang us with a different rope
It's a different time, different tings pon me mind
Different steps we ah climb
While dem connive
Different egos collide
Back full of different knives

Different we look
Although we're different, still we're similar
Every man bleed blood, that's a big similarity
Seven billion show one cinema
One world we live in
Anti-social media become the new encyclopedia
Exposing reality in a real time
Click a button and watch a video
Then you just might find
Every man love dem family
That is another familiarity
To demonstrate the similarity
That doesn't mean there's not a big difference up in equality
Ya copy from the real original
Ya dun know we different

Different acts of belligerence
But differently intelligent
Different medicine, me nah talk chemical medicine
Different leaves and remedies
Different studying of my roots and origin
Tell my truth in melodies

History teachers attest to the different lies though
Different from what me find out
You know say knowledge is the key and ah dat dem a hide out

Fuck up the youth dem mind
Bringing a different force
So different gun we ah buss
You know it ain't hard to find us

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