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A Major (Ionian)

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Verse 1:
Far, we've been travelling far
Without a home not without a star
Free, all we want to be free
We huddle close, hang onto a dream

On the boats and on the planes
They come to America
Never looking back again
They come to America

Verse 2:
Home don't seem so far away
We travelling light today
In the eye of the storm (×2)

Home to a new and a shiny place
We make our bed and we'll say our grace
Freedom's light burning warm (×2)

Verse 3:
Everywhere around the world
They're coming to America
Every time that flag's (*)
They're coming to America
Got a dream to take them there
They're coming to America
Got a dream they've come to share

They're coming to America (×5)
Today today today today today
My country tis thee
Sweet land of liberty
Of thee I sing of thee I sing
Today (×9)

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