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About You (Lungi Naidoo)

(View album: Courage (EP))

A Major (Ionian)

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All night I'm just waiting for the sun to rise my darling darling
I get high every time I hear you calling
I just wanna hold you 'til morning
'Til the morning oh

Coz when the sun comes up and I'm looking at you
I feel alive
On my darkest days you my favourite place
You do it to me every time
Ain't no need to wait around
You the one I'm wanting now
That's why I still be about you

About you
You feel like Sunday morning when we just started
About you
And the old stuff it get better I'm just being honest
About you
You're my motivation for the day
That's why I still be about you
About you

(Yeah yeah)

Oh I I don't need to win with you coz you'r my lotto
Come in with drive baby you are my motto
I Just want to hold you 'til the morning
'Til the morning oh

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