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Xhosa artist and singer, Simphiwe Dana, was born in the Eastern Cape, South Africa.
Dana comes from a religious background with her father being a preacher and as she grew up in the church, she was exposed to music in both choral and gospel forms from an early age. Her love for music has since grown.
From 2002, she sang in small clubs in Johannesburg, where she began attracting attention. The depth of her musical portrayals is such that she has drawn approval from an older generation of South Africans, especially women, while her youth and grasp of contemporary pop has endeared her to the young audience. She has many hits and also sang the theme song of the Yizo Yizo television show.
Due to her remarkable blend of Jazz, Afro-soul, Rap and Traditional music, she has been hailed as the "new Miriam Makeba". Dana is likewise known for her innovative social discourse and activism through music as a political work of art.
With two commercially successful and critically acclaimed albums to her credit, she maintains a busy live performance roster, which increasingly includes international dates.

Works featuring Simphiwe Dana as a Composer include: