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Wavy Baby EP

Una Rams

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Soulistic Music
Published: 2018
Produced by: Ultra Records
Recorded at: Soulistic Music Studios

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About Wavy Baby EP

Wavy Baby is a love story about a boy and a mermaid. And I know it’s the craziest thing to say to anyone but it’s because a lot of people get into relationships when they are both from two different worlds, things fall through the cracks because you don’t understand each other well enough.
So this EP takes you through the different stages of the relationship and unfortunately it’s not a happy ending.

Una Rams resonates well with his audience with the way he explores several internet based topics on this project. He is most triumphant with his delivery of these topics. The production is cleaner and smoother coupled with well refined vocals consisting of smoother and crispier falsettos.

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