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Celluloid Records
Published: 1994
Produced by: Tsepo Tshola
Recorded at: Celluloid Records

  1. Madambadamba
  2. Shine Your Light
  3. Nonyana
  4. Lehlapahlapa
  5. Ho Lokile
  6. Lekokong
  7. Abeze bonke
  8. Right on Time
  9. Lintle
  10. Freedom of Mind

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About The Village Pope

Tsepo Tshola has an uncanny ability to make everything he sings sound and transform into a spiritual message, hence his monicker 'The Village Pope'. An album has never embodied its title such as this one and Ntate Tshola remains one of Lesotho's (and Africa's) greatest musical treasures.

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