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G.O.A.T (Glory On Any Territory)

Ricardo Moloi (Priddy Ugly)

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About G.O.A.T (Glory On Any Territory)

Priddy Ugly delivers an album characterized by his versatile sound, combined with his complex lyricism and electric energy. He puts the listener in a relaxed, pensive mood with the introductory song ''Magnum Opus'', directly translated as 'an artists best body of work', letting us know that the rapper has every intention of giving the listener his best work, putting his heart and soul on all the nine tracks of the project. Priddy Ugly switches up the energy a notch with the next track ''every mountain got a peak'' featuring the likes of Riky Rick and Wichi 1080, where Priddy cements his position as the king of every mountain he has encountered in his life, further hinting that the rap game is a mountain on its own that he has conquered above all else.

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